A Rainy Autumn Staycation

As the days started to get cooler we decided to rent a quaint little cabin near Lake Lure at Rumbling Bald Mountain Resort for a nice September week-end. Our plan was to hike one afternoon, bike another, canoe in the evening, and roast marshmallows out by the fire pit after dark. We rented through Vacation Rental by Owner, which is one of my favorite sites to use to rent private properties.  We chose this home because it was located right where the stream enters Bald Lake.  You can check out our rental VRBO Bliss by the Lake. Our autumn week-end plans were coming together!

But the forecast called for a very different experience: rainy and cool – all.week-end.long.  Ugh.  Or so we thought, for a moment.  Then we realized that a staycation can be about interacting with one another, cooking great meals, sharing stories, and sleeping in!

So Plan B had to be formed. We decided that if hiking was out, a movie marathon was in (the kids picked a Shrek marathon). If biking was out, ‘gaming’ was in. So we brought some board game staples like Pictionary and Taboo, and the home already had Scrabble and Chess. If roasting marshmallows by the fire pit was out, then we’d roast them over the wood burning fireplace.  And with the rain pelting down, the fireplace added the perfect ambiance to our cozy cabin.  Finally, when boredom set in, some arts and crafts for the kids (and kids at heart).

We had 2 couples and 5 tweens with us, and yes, technology popped out when we weren’t looking. But the girls were happy to build a massive tent fort out of pillows, sheets, and blankets. They made cookies. And they played foose-ball. A little TV viewing snuck in during breakfast, but for the most part – they played. And the adults gamed. And talked!  and talked … and talked :o)

I did snap a few pics of the crafting, gaming, and lounging, but with dim lighting and using my I-Phone they were blurry.  And really, isn’t it more interesting to just imagine the warmth of the fireplace, the snap and crackle of logs emitting their delicious woodsy scent keeping us all cozy?

When the rain relented to a mist, some ventured out to jump around on the dock.  And Scott even took a little tour in one of the canoes.  Considering he loves to trail bike — call it an obsession — he weathered the weather very well.  I think he even enjoyed a few days of down time.  Its a nice feeling to know the only demands you have to meet are related to food.  And we did pretty well with our mountain menu!  Friday night we had warm stew and bread, cheeses, fruits, and Saturday morning an egg bake.  The second night our guests treated us to grilled steaks and asparagus.  Of course, it wouldn’t have been an autumn mountain week-end without rich coffee on the screened porch, looking out at the lake and Bald Mountain, and listening to the rain patter on the leaves.

All in all it was a totally relaxing time with good friends, good food, and beautiful views of Bald Mountain, even if through a veil of mist or rain.

To learn more about Rumbling Bald Resort click here or for properties check out VRBO, AirBNB, or contact us!  You can reach us via our contact page :o)

Happy Travels!  Amy

  • Great times had by all! Here’s a pic from my canoe adventure.

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