Bridal Veil Falls, North Carolina 2014

IMG_1444 Autumn is my favorite time of year, by far.  We haul out the crock pot, get to don a sweater when walking the dogs, and hear the crunch of leaves beneath our feet.  And as autumn’s bright reds and golds fade to brown, my husband starts getting excited to ‘hit the slopes’.  You can read about skiing here in North Carolina in our Appalachia Mountain blog.

Having moved from Colorado, where the Rocky Mountains dominate the skyline from pretty much everywhere, we’re used to feeling dwarfed by the majestic peaks.  But here in the Carolinas, its a much softer terrain.  The misty veil which gives one of the ranges up here its name, the Smoky Mountains, is a sharp contrast to the bright blue sky and snow peaks out west.  Its much more lush up in the Blue Ridge, because its not quite so close to the sun.

Since we moved to the Carolinas in 2012, we’ve said it probably a hundred times — we love it here.  You just can’t beat the location — less than 2 hours to the mountains, less than 4 to the beach, and let’s not forget, we’re only 8 hours from Disneyworld :o)  But one of our very favorite things about the country here, is the fall color.

Last week-end we had the chance to get up into the  North Carolina Mountain Region.  We hiked at Bridal Veil Falls, which is where several scenes from Last of the Mohicans was filmed.  You know that cool scene where Madeline Stowe and Daniel Day Lewis are walking underneath the waterfall to hide from their pursuers?  Well that’s Bridal Veil Falls!  We also took a short walk up into a nature preserve to view Pleasant Ridge Falls.  And of course, we stopped at a market stand to buy fresh NC apples, because its apple pickin’ season.

Whether you prefer hiking, snapping beautiful photos, biking, eating at quaint little cafes, or just building a fire and cozying up at sunset, its the perfect way to spend a relaxing break from the daily routine.  But most of all, a week-end in the mountains gives us a chance, as a family, to interact without the distractions of yardwork, television, laundry, and all the other things that call our attention on a week-end at home.  I’m looking forward to our next mountain getaway at Lake Lure, NC!

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