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PCT’s Southern Caribbean Cruise July 2017

If you’re like me, when you’re planning what to do and see on a Caribbean cruise the choices can be overwhelming! I want to squeeze as much juice out of every island moment. So here are some ideas from our July 2017 Southern Caribbean Cruise, we hope you find some tips in our cool roadmap. Port… Read More »

10 Days in Costa Rica (part 1) Arenal Volcano

Costa Rica is a tropical country in Latin America with gorgeous coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides.  Dense with rain forests, it is also home to hundreds of volcanoes, five of them active.  Its a peaceful and democratic nation, and no Visa is required for U.S. Citizens at this time.  “While it may… Read More »

My ‘Simplify Your Life’ Packing List

Hanging from the wall in my kitchen is a platter that reads ‘Simplify Your Life’.  Its a mantra I embrace, although not easily.  I tend to accumulate stuff.  I am by no means a hoarder, and nothing falls on top of you when you open my closets (anymore), but I have a lot of ‘stuff’… Read More »

Amy’s Airfare Booking Tips

As a travel agent, booking air is the thing people most often come to me with the ‘so do you have any deals’ question.  And I never do.  My deals come when travel is bundled through my vacation packagers, or through the cruise lines.  And since airlines no longer pay agents any commission, I’m not… Read More »

Useful things to know about passport application

Useful things to know about passport application If you are traveling anywhere international by air, you need a passport.  If you are boarding a cruise ship that travels to an international port or American territory, you need a passport.  If you are driving across the border to Mexico or Canada, a passport card will suffice. … Read More »

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