Disney Hilton Head — and the Kids Say…

And the Kids Say “Disney Vacation Club is really fun”

Scott and I have been encouraging our girls to start blogging.  We still haven’t created their own user logins for our site yet, we can barely remember our own passwords to the myriad of social channels we tune in to!  But here’s a start.  These blogs were hand written by our girls, then typed into the blog format by Amy.  Both Bella and Pia are great typists, but when we took this trip, Scott and I were still getting used to the ‘behind the scenes’ technology of the site, so we weren’t ready to teach them how to insert content yet.

And now, written (and illustrated) by Sophia and Isabella:

~ The Disney Vacation Club Is Really Fun

Here are a few reasons why.  They have a deep end in the middle of the pool, they have a hot tub with No Age Limit, big hotel rooms and hammocks outside the buildings of the hotel rooms.  They have a really fun beach house and private pool at the beach.  They also have wifi, and cool daily games like bingo. If you win you get a free pin 😮

By Sophia, age 10

(note from Mom – the bingo board can be picked up in the lobby, each day new characters play on an events video and if you get 3 in a row you win a collectible pin for your lanyard)


~ The Disney Hotel Is So Cool

I know that the Disney Hotel is so cool, fun , and awesome!!  It has a very big slide.  It is *3 feet tall and it is so very fast and fun.  The hotel is old country themed.  (low country 😮

Outside each building they have a rope hammock.  They are so soft.  Once night I was there, they had a movie night and it was fun.  They also have a playground for kids to play on.  It has a slide and the song pipes.  They have a beach house.  There is a pool with a volley ball net and lots of balls to play with.  The beach water is perfect for swimming.  It has lots of salt in it so if you don’t want it in your eyes you will need goggles.

By Isabella, age 14

(note from Mom – its actually much bigger than 3 feet tall, I think she meant the shallow end was 3 feet)

435 Running Jump!

Tune in again soon for more of the girls’ reviews!







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