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We’ve been to Las Vegas for a couple of adult getaways.  There is nothing like it anywhere else.  From the heat to the lights to the over the top glitz and glam to the … crowds.  Have you ever been to Vegas? Ever waited in the cab line after waiting for your bags for 30 minutes? Yikes! When we’re ready to start our vacation it can be a major buzz kill.  So Scott and I decided to test drive a great service called

Prior to your trip you head to their website, type in your pick up and drop off location, and after a few minutes you receive quotes from limo companies in the area.  Once you receive several quotes, its a good idea to negotiate with the companies making the offers.  If you let them know you are considering bids from other services, you are likely to get a better price, or some comp champagne and beer.

For a flat $35 rate we were able to rent a town car to take us to our hotel. Cabs run you around $15 – $20, with a complimentary 45 minute wait before you hit the strip! With our limo service the driver picked us up at the luggage carousel, helped carry our bags, and took us – in a clean car – directly to our hotel on the quickest / shortest route. He had plenty of stories to tell us during our 12 minute ride, including how all the limo and cab drivers get paid about $60 – $200 a head for delivering guys to the strip clubs, and how he’s driven everyone from Rob Thomas to Kanye West to Brittany Spears (apparently she is a real ‘sweetheart’).

Our only issue was we thought we had pre-paid the ride, but when we arrived at our destination we were told we had not. We made a quick mental note to double check our bill when we got home to ensure we weren’t double billed, (we weren’t) gave the driver a tip and we were on our way.

In Vegas anyway, this is the way to go, it saves you time and hassle.


Update, 2013:  on our couples getaway to Las Vegas last summer, our 5 couple crew used again.  We were greeted at the luggage carousel, helped with our bags, and led out to our shiny 14 passenger hummer.

It was a fantastic start to the trip.  At a price tag of $170, champagne and beer included, we felt like it was a splurge, but worth it.  If we’d split 5 ways, it still would have been a deal at $34 bucks a couple, but because I was serving as our group’s travel agent, this ride was on me!


Our only complaint was not a issue, but a driver issue.  The last time we used the service our driver was great!  So when I booked the limo for this trip, I negotiated a stop at a local convenient store en route.  Our gang wanted to stock up on some basic supplies:  vodka, rum, wine, you know — the staples of an ‘adults only’ Las Vegas week-end.  However, Katy, one of our crew, had a bag that went missing and it cost us about half an hour trying to figure out how to reclaim it.  The driver said that since the luggage debacle had taken so much time, he could no longer squeeze in the side trip.  It was hard for us to feel to bummed about it because we were so psyched to be starting our vacation.  And once we got to our hotel, The Cosmopolitan, we realized we were right across the street from a market.  But in the future, I’ll note whether or not extras like that are contingent on timing.

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